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Hi, nice to meet you! We are a Full-Service Branding Agency, focusing on Branding Design, Development, and Consulting Services for many Businesses, including Startups. We have over 15 years’ experience walking businesses of all sorts down this road. It's time to 'Dream, Grow, Live'

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Branding is essentially about designing experiences for customers and future customers alike. Providing a memorable experience is the secret to Business success.


"Branding" is just a fancy term for: the process of re-defining who you are as a Business, what it is your Business does, why your Business is more appealing than the competitors, what it is your Business stands for, the overall look of your Company and how that can be incorporated in to your Business’ overall public presentation. This is how your Business will achieve a more memorable persona. This will develop out your Reputation, where Brand development  continues. By managing your public persona closely you are further cultivating everything about your Brand. It needs to be done right, but by doing so, doing it carefully, and doing it smart your Business will become a Brand.

(that's a GOOD thing)


 is the face for your business.

These are some examples of the brands Dustbunny by Brand Star Marketing has created.


What other Services do we Specialize in?

Main Dustbunny Services

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Branding is the DNA of your business. Join with Dustbunny by Brand Star Marketing, LLC. to develop your brand strategy.

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Your Website is often the main 'Touchpoint" of your business and usually the front line of your presence in the Digital Space.

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It isn't enough to just have a website. Potential customers need to be aware you exist and that your message reaches them.



In the Age of Information, Reputation is everything. Nothing is more important than a digital presence except having a good one. 

Lowell, MA's #1 for Website, Design, and to top the Local 

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Get YOUR Business Strengthened/ AND Empowered as a Fully Branded Secret Weapon

BECOME  1 of those rare businesses that fall under the term, "Local Legend"


Come to us with your ideas and we will give you the very best Brand and Business Consulting available.

What Will You Get During This Free Strategy Call?

What To Do Before the Call

Take some notes about what you wish to discuss with us. If possible, let us know exactly what services you are ready to hire us for. If you are starting from scratch or you aren't yet aware of this information, no worries! We will pick up on the project no matter what stage your business goals are at.

What Happens During the Call

We will spend up to 45 minutes going over as many details of your Project as you have for it. During this call we listen, take notes, and consider what potential options are the best move forward for you and your Project, putting together several options towards a future Proposal.

What Changes After the Call

Out motto is 'dream. grow. live' after you have made this first move you have begun propelling your dream towards the growth it needs for your Project to take life. You have opened the line of communication and we will the come back at you with several rough ideas for a game plan.